Arrival Yachts

A departure
from the norm

We plot a different course. Taking a more personal, more targeted approach, we focus on the sale and purchase of yachts in the 20m to 45m category.

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Your pilot to the open seas

Buying a yacht is not a venture to embark on alone. You need a trusted companion.

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Weʼll go the extra nautical mile

With our MD, Nigel Wales, at the helm, we’ll go to great lengths to achieve your sale objectives.

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Broad horizons with few responsibilities

Cast off your onboard duties. Chartering a fully crewed, Mallorca based yacht is the carefree option.

Activa Club
Length 35m / FROM 89,000 P/Wk

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Four Friends
Length 33.50 m / FROM 70,000 P/Wk

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Afloat, ashore and airborne

Trust us to help with Mallorcan mooring, provisioning, villa rental, land transfers and private jet flights.


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Private Jet Partner

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Land Transfers

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Property Rental Services

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