New Builds


To be able to build your own yacht, motor or sail, is a very special experience that can take between two and three years. Working from initial concepts and sketches created by your design team, your captain and even your family, the yacht will gradually evolve to reflect personal tastes. It will function perfectly around your lifestyle and meet your specific technical requirements. By carefully selecting the right designer and shipyard, your dreams can be brought from inspiration to reality whilst ensuring the yacht has enduring value. Most shipyards have, of course, adapted successfully to the economic climate with improved ground-breaking designs and added emphasis on ‘green’ solutions for power, operations and waste management. Pricing structures have also been adjusted to offer better value than ever to lure potential clients into building. But, in truth, the short answer to “why build a custom yacht?” is some clients are never going to be satisfied with anything less.


Series Yachts

Shipyards have long offered series yachts or semi-custom designs, which offer the same level of quality but with fewer opportunities to customise to taste. The layout and deck plan will offer less flexibility and onboard systems will probably follow a proven specification based on previous vessels. The upside is that less time will be needed for research and construction, so it’s a faster route to a new yacht.

Choosing a Shipyard

At any given time there are literally hundreds of yachts in build in the top shipyards around the world. Arrival Yachts can provide you with a selection of available build slots and help you to evaluate which options will most closely align with your aspirations.

Construction Material

Generally speaking, yachts are constructed in steel, steel and aluminium, all aluminium and, gaining ground in larger sizes, composite builds. The chosen construction material very much depends on size, performance, relative volume and budget.


Arrival Yachts will help select the right team and coordinate between designer, naval architect, classification society, safety requirements and financial planning. This process will then lead into operational procedures, International Safety Management, commissioning, crew selection and ongoing management of the yacht on a day to day basis.

Maintenance and Future Value

As custom build yachts are constructed with a specific owner in mind, they are meant to last, unlike many production yachts that are built to a price. The engineering, systems, installations and indeed every aspect of the vessel will be designed and fabricated to ensure prolonged life and ease of maintenance. A well cared-for custom yacht can be as good as new which is why many listed on the market for sale will quote their significant refit dates as well as the date of build.

Charter Income

With a full crew, the level of care demanded from a yacht can be very high which makes chartering her out a sensible option. Charter income would make a generous financial contribution towards running costs.

Market-Related Opportunities

In today’s market there are some good opportunities for tenacious buyers – perhaps even more so in the larger size ranges. Through dealings with clients looking for yachts between 30 and 50 metres in length, it has come to light that there are some excellent part-finished yachts in shipyards. This situation, as you can imagine, provides an incredible opportunity for a client looking to buy a custom superyacht but with a reduced delivery time – perhaps only 12 months instead of 24 – at a keen price. These prospects won’t always be advertised, but Arrival Yachts is able to present you with a selection of yachts that may well suit your requirements.