Published Jan 2017 Page 1 of 6 by Sarah Drane

Beach Clubs: Six of Ibiza’s Finest

Nikki Beach

From Miami-style hedonism to mellow moonlit romance, we’ve rounded up the best Beach Clubs that the white island of Ibiza has to offer.

With Ibiza a pioneer of the luxe beach club revolution, it comes as some surprise to learn that the granddaddy of all beach clubs, Nikki Beach, only landed on the Island in 2013. What took Founder Jack Penrod so long?

Ever since we opened our very first Nikki Beach in 1998, one of the most frequently asked questions has been 'When are you going to open in Ibiza?'”, says Jack. “The truth is, I didn't want to rush into it. And I didn't want to do the thing that everyone was expecting me to do either! We waited until we found the perfect place.

And that ‘perfect place’ was deemed to be a relatively quiet location in Santa Eulalia, away from the obvious honeypot resorts of San Antonio, Ibiza Town and Playa d’en Bossa.

Now into its second season, Nikki Beach Ibiza serves up the signature cabanas-by-the-pool, dining, drinking and fashion boutique formula that works so well in St Tropez, St Barth, Marbella, Cabo San Lucas, Marrakech, Koh Samui, Mallorca, Phuket and, of course, its birthplace, Miami.

Favoured by the ‘have yachts’ rather than the ‘have nots’, the ‘average’ Nikki Beach frequenter isn’t backwards in coming forwards when it comes to spending money. The restaurant focuses on elegantly prepared seafood, sushi and salads, (you don’t get to be one of life’s beautiful people by gorging on burgers and pies), while the drinks menu is heavy on champagne and cocktails – the former sprayed F1-style by those who are less rational than they are wealthy.

Nikki Beaqch Ibiza

As expected from Nikki Beach, the entertainment schedule is packed, from the opening White Party through to the closing Red Party, with the resident DJs, eight-inch-heeled dancers and sax-wielding musicians for everything in between. And, don’t be surprised if you spot Mr Clooney, Ms Diaz, Mr Gosling or Mrs Knowles-Carter, for brand Nikki has hosted more celebrities than you can shake your 25,000 euro vintage Cristal at Nikki Beach Website